Refugee Crisis: Crossing The Border To Germany (Part 2)

Mohammed, a 27-year-old Syrian refugee, is one step closer to finally entering Germany after a dangerous three-week-long journey. AJ+’s Dena Takruri joined Mohammed and his friends as they waited at the border.


Refugee Crisis: The Road To Germany (Part 1)

What’s it like to walk in the shoes of a Syrian refugee trying to get to Germany? AJ+’s Dena Takruri met Mohammed, a 27 year old electrical engineer, and joined him and his friends in Austria as they headed towards the border with Germany.

Following Refugees As They Leave Budapest

Refugees are fleeing their homes by the thousands, risking their families’ lives to try to find a way out of the violence. Most see Europe as a beacon of hope. AJ+’s Dena Takruri is on the ground in Budapest to follow a group of refugees on their journey.