How The Navy Poisoned Hawaii Families With Jet Fuel

The U.S. Navy has poisoned the drinking water in Hawai‘i with its jet fuel. After 19,000 gallons of fuel stored underground leaked into O‘ahu’s main aquifer, thousands of residents were displaced from their homes and reported health symptoms. The Navy is promising to shut down the underground facility, but many are concerned about long-term health consequences, and how long this has really been going on. Dena Takruri went to O‘ahu to investigate.


Meet The Native Hawaiians Fighting U.S. Occupation

In 1893, armed U.S. naval forces helped American sugar plantation owners illegally overthrow Hawaii’s constitutional monarchy. One hundred years later, the U.S. apologized and admitted in a resolution that Native Hawaiians had never relinquished their claims to sovereignty. Today, many Native Hawaiians continue to yearn for independence. One activist, Bumpy Kanahele, has even created his own village as a model for Hawaiian sovereignty. AJ+’s Dena Takruri reports on the Hawaiian fight for sovereignty.

Mark Zuckerberg Sued Native Hawaiians For Their Own Land

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used a complicated legal framework in Hawaii called “quiet title” to sue ancestral land owners and force them to sell their lands. It was all to secure his private getaway on Kauai. After Native Hawaiians protested, using his own platform, he dropped the suits. But the damage is done, as AJ+’s Dena Takruri explored in this battle of land rights in paradise.