Direct From With Dena Takruri

How The Navy Poisoned Hawaii Families With Jet Fuel

The U.S. Navy has poisoned the drinking water in Hawai‘i with its jet fuel. After 19,000 gallons of fuel stored underground leaked into O‘ahu’s main aquifer, thousands of residents were displaced from their homes and reported health symptoms. The Navy is promising to shut down the underground facility, but many are concerned about long-term health consequences, and how long this has really been going on. Dena Takruri went to O‘ahu to investigate.


The Secret, Toxic Oil Wells Underneath Los Angeles

Before Los Angeles had Hollywood, it had oil – a lot of it. And the toxic legacy of that oil boom still lingers below the city streets. Hundreds of deserted, unplugged oil wells are scattered underneath neighborhoods like Echo Park, potentially leaking toxic gases. Dena Takruri goes to L.A. to investigate this hidden plight.

Why California Isn’t As Green As You Think

As California moves to phase out fossil fuels, its top oil-producing county is fighting to keep petroleum pumping. Dena Takruri heads to Kern County, where in one in seven workers has a job tied to oil. She attends a major oil festival called Oildorado to find out just how much the industry props up the community. Can this oil-reliant county ever break up with fossil fuels?

The Racist Border You Don’t Hear About

U.S. border agents have long been criticized for abuses along the Mexican border, but there’s trouble up north too. Officers stationed on the U.S.-Canada border are under fire for racially profiling and harassing people of color. Dena Takruri speaks to the latest people to blow the whistle – officers within Customs and Border Protection

Syrian Refugees Are Still Trapped in Greece, Pt. 1 | Direct From With Dena Takruri Season 2 – AJ+

Europe’s borders have closed and a deal struck between the EU and Turkey in March 2016 has slowed the flow of refugees crossing the sea. Now, Greece is backlogged with 62,000 asylum applicants. AJ+’s Dena Takruri witnesses the limbo of Syrian asylum seekers in a Lesbos refugee camp and the efforts of Greeks still compelled to help those risking the dangerous journey.