Criminal Justice System

Should Convicted Murderers Get A Second Chance?

Shaka Senghor was convicted of second-degree murder and served 19 years in prison. He sat down with AJ+’s Dena Takruri to talk about why our criminal justice system needs to be less about punishment and more about rehabilitation. You can check out Shaka Senghor’s new book, “Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death and Redemption in an American Prison,” here:


Why Is Baltimore So Angry?

The cameras of the world are focused on Baltimore right now. But the story of Baltimore’s current unrest didn’t start with the death of Freddie Gray. The people of the city have been dealing with a weakened economy, a broken education system and an over-bearing criminal justice system for years. AJ+’s Dena Takruri explains.

What Serial Says About Our Criminal Justice System

Serial’s popularity has made it the fastest-ever podcast to reach 5 million downloads. Fans have tuned in each week to follow journalist Sarah Koenig’s investigation into Adnan Syed, who was convicted of the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee in the Baltimore area. AJ+’s Dena Takruri looks at why the podcast is such a hit and what it tells us about the criminal-justice system.