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Syrian Refugees Find A Home In The U.S.

As the Syrian crisis enters its fifth year, an estimated 4 million people have fled the country due to fighting. The United States has taken in 584 refugees as of March 11, 2015. AJ+’s Dena Takruri talked to Um and Abu Gasem in Sacramento, California, about their new lives in the U.S. and the memories they left behind in Syria.


Could Climate Change Cause A Chocolate Apocalypse?

While chocoholics are feasting, could a climate change-induced famine be around the corner? AJ+ takes you to a chocolate factory where they roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind and melt cocoa beans into chocolate bars. Dena Takruri asked Dandelion Chocolate’s lead “sourcerer” what the bitter forecast is for the future of chocolate.

Are You A Terrorist?

Do you pass the terrorist test list. The South Africa Spy cables contain a secret document shared by The Australian Security Intelligence Organization, or ASIO, with other spy agencies called: Indicators of extremist and terrorist activity. It tells you all you need to know about what Aussie spies think will put you on a terror watch list.
Spoiler alert: If you’re Muslim there’s a much higher likelihood of that.

The Spy Cables – 4 Things We Learned From Leaked Documents

The Spy Cables are the largest release of intelligence documents since Edward Snowden’s and have been obtained exclusively by Al Jazeera’s investigative unit. They show us how spies spy on one another and also occasionally help each other spy on mutual enemies. South Africa’s spy agency and MI6 have worked together to shift a North Korean spy’s allegiance. Also, find out who South Korea considers a dangerous individual – the answer might surprise you.

Why Palestine’s ICC Bid Matters

President Mahmoud Abbas has submitted Palestine for membership in the International Criminal Court, based in The Hague. Some see Abbas’ ICC move as a desperate attempt to do *something* – especially after a controversial resolution to create a Palestinian state failed at the United Nations Security Council. So why does the ICC bid matter, will Israel be tried for war crimes and what’s next for Palestine?

The Worst Halloween Costume Ideas This Year

Every year, people come up with new ways to offend others just with what they’re wearing. We’re — of course — talking about Halloween. From sexy Ebola nurses to people in blackface, this Hashtag has got you covered on what NOT to wear.

Could Scotland Become The World’s Newest Country?

The Scottish Independence Referendum could make Scotland the world’s newest country. If you’re wondering why they’d want to leave the United Kingdom, or if you thought Scotland already was an independent country – this is for you.