The Cost Of Being A Syrian Refugee

How much does it cost for a refugee to make it out of Syria? We added up the price for one man’s journey to Germany.


How You Can Help Feed The World – Yes You

In order to feed an expected population of 9 billion by 2050, we’ll have to produce 60% more food over 35 years. But climate change is making that nearly impossible. What do we have to change to feed the world? Start eating bugs?

Yemen’s Houthis Take Sanaa – But Who Are They?

Since 2004, Yemen has faced a rebellion from a group called the Houthis. They recently held the country’s capital, Sanaa, under siege and forced prime minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa out of office. So who are they and what are they fighting for? AJ+ gives you a primer.


Wow! The Student Loan Debt Crisis In Context

Student loan debt in the United States has reached a new milestone, crossing the $1.2 trillion mark. That’s more than the credit card debt of all Americans combined. What does that mean for the average American? AJ+ crunches the numbers.


Who Are The Peshmerga?

The Peshmerga are seen as one of the only forces who can defeat the Islamic State group, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL. But who are the Peshmerga and what are they fighting for?


6 Things To Know If Police Stop You In The US

If a police officer were to stop you on the street in the U.S. and start questioning you, what would you do? Check out our quick list of six things you should know about your rights. Learn more about your rights here:


Who Are The Yazidis In Iraq?

The U.S. has launched airstrikes in Iraq in part because of a humanitarian crisis involving Yazidis, an ethnic and religious minority group in the country. ISIS — the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham- has targeted Yazidis, so who are they? AJ+ gives you a quick primer.


Marijuana Legalization Around The World – A Brief Timeline

From the pot cafes of Amsterdam, medical cannabis in Canada, full-on marijuana legalization in Uruguay, and one state at a time in the United States — AJ+ animates the history of worldwide legalization and decriminalization of weed.


What Happened in Israel and Palestine in June 2014

After two weeks, three Israeli teenagers who’d gone missing in the occupied West Bank were found dead. The world’s media covered their funerals, their families and their community. But what else happened that month?


Harsh Effects of Climate Change

AJ+ animates the devastating effects on how climate change is already affecting every continent and every ocean on the planet, based on the most definitive report compiled by the United Nations. Hundreds of leading scientists from all over the world worked over 5 years researching the impacts and the challenges ahead for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.